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Year 1/2P

Croeso i flwyddyn 1/2 D


Class Teacher: Mrs A Davies

LSA: Mrs K Rowlands


Class Information:

PE Day: Tuesday

Reading books: Every day

Spelling books: Fridays


Please join our class dojo account for regular updates, reminders and events.


Autumn Term 2


This half term our topic is: Festivals and Celebrations.


We started by learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder plot and we had lots of fun toasting marshmallows and writing poems about Bonfire night.


We then learnt about the Hanukkah story and discussed other celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and christenings. 


We are now onto Christmas celebrations and have been practising hard for the Christmas concert. We are going to be learning about the Christmas story and writing our letters to Father Christmas!


In maths, we are learning all about 2D shape and are also practising addition and subtraction. 


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Spring 1


Our topic for Spring term 1 is: Gwlad! Gwlad!


We will be learning about some famous Welsh Myths and Legends and also learning about some of our local history.

Please help your child this half term by discussing any history that you know about the local area and maybe visiting a few local historical places.


Thank you for your continued support, Mrs Davies 

Return to School information - 29th June

Please watch the videos below with your child to help them prepare and familerise themselves with the classroom for their return to school.


Miss Lewis will be in our class however I will be allocating the home learning, accessible via class dojo and also liaising with Miss Lewis daily. 

Miss Lewis - Welcome message

Still image for this video

Our new classroom environment

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Summer Term 1


The start of the Summer Term has taken us all on a different type of learning journey. Even though we use lots of ICT daily in our activities at school this term you have been using it at home to complete most of your work on Class Dojo and Purple Mash

You are all doing a fantastic job, both children and parents dealing with this change. I can always guarantee to have a smile on my face every day when I receive your pieces of work.


You are all working extremely hard, Da iawn!


Each week I will be posting three different pieces of work to share with your friends.

Don’t worry if your work is not here today. I will be posting different children’s work each week so everyone will get a chance to share all the hard work they have been doing.


This week’s work 15.05.20- Can you spot yours? cool


  • Reading- After reading one of our online ORT books a fantastic prediction was recorded before reaching the end of the story.

Super work- with great use of full stops and capital letters!


  • Creative- A beautiful rainbow made out of natural materials and labelled with the welsh colours.


  • Math's Magician- Creating lots of spider sums with number facts around a chosen number.

This week’s work 22.05.20- Can you spot yours? cool


This week you have been doing a great job on lots of work to support your well-being during these strange times. You have been drawing pictures of our friends and talking about what you would like to do when you see them again. Thank you for the great drawings and messages you have sent. 

 Our class presentation can be found underneath!


I have been so proud of your addition skills that you have applied to solve problems. Also I have received lots of videos of you singing and dancing to your favourite songs.


I have loved seeing all your drawings of your favourite characters and character profiles!


Here are some examples of this week's work:

Rainbow Video 1/2D

This week's work 01.06.20-Can you spot yours? 🧐


Da iawn Yr 1/2D for recharging your batteries during a well deserved week off.


What wonderful work I have recieved this week. From designing your own boardgames using subtraction, to creating your own minibeast wings and completing some fabulous comprehension work.


I am so proud of you all! 

08.6.2020 - Can you spot your work? cool


This week we have been looking at the life cycles of people. We have had lots of fun finding baby photos of ourselves and talking about how we have changed! I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful photos of the class as babies!


The best part about this topic has been seeing what you want to be or do when you are older so, this week I have picked your Purple Mash ambition work to show on our website! 


We have had lots of outdoor fun too, with our outdoor scavenger hunt! We then used the information collected to create a tally chart and block graph! We have been very busy!

15.06.20- this week's work- Can you spot yours? 🤓


This week you have all been very busy again. Lots of you have been enjoying looking at maps and creating your own Venn diagrams or block graphs from information given.

You've been working hard with your word work, reading and also enjoying some activities of your own at home with your families.

I am very proud of you all! 

22.06.20 - Can you spot your work? 🤓


This week we have had lots of fun with creative activities.

Making our own clocks to help do a visual timetable of your day, jigsaw words and making a minibeast model. 


Well done to you all for the fantastic work!! 

Schools out for Summer!!
This year our school year has ended a little differently and your child's learning over the past term and a half has had some unexpected changes.
It has been a learning curve for us all and I'm sure you are glad to hear some sort of normality will resume in September.
I have throughly enjoyed teaching each and every child in our class along with supporting and seeing them develop with your help at home.
I wish you all the very best of luck in your new classes.
Don't forget to always try your best and shine your brightest. 🌟
Mrs Davies