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Anti Bullying week.

At Edwardsville we work with the children to help them understand what bullying is and what they can do if it happens to them or others. 

Jigsaw themes throughout the year.

Why is RSE mandatory in the Curriculum?

The Curriculum for Wales aims to help learners be healthy, confident, ethical and informed. It’s designed to help make learners and Wales healthier, resilient and globally responsible.
Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) is about:
keeping children safe from harm
protecting their mental and emotional well-being.
Helping them to develop healthy relationships with others – including friendships and families
Society is changing quickly. Digital media can expose children to unsafe and harmful situations and relationships, it is important they are able to keep safe
RSE provision helps to ensure learners develop a positive understanding of relationships and sexuality and to recognise misconceptions.
RSE aims to empower learners in line with their needs, experiences and wider development.
RSE plays an important role for the safeguarding and protection of all learners in Wales
How and what we teach.    
At Edwardsville we use Jigsaw to support us in the teaching of RSE.  Jigsaw is a mindful approach to PSHE, and is the winner of the Teach Primary Wellbeing Teaching Resource of the Year Award, 2022. 
Jigsaw maps out, in line with the Welsh Government Relationships and Sexuality (RSE) code,  what children learn in each year group. For more information please use the links below. 

Jigsaw Wales Information for Parents