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Year 5/6N

   Summer Term


This term we have been learning about The Environment and Pollution. It has been a very strange term as everybody is learning from home. We have been using learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Purple Mash, Do Jo and Prodigy. The children have been working very hard during this difficult time.

Below are examples of some of the lovely pieces of work the children have created.

Key Worker Posters

Making useful items out of recycled materials

Evan's Castle
Maisie's recycling project
Maisie's recycling project
Menna's recycling project
Tayia's  recycling project
Tiff's  recycling project
Noah's recycling project
Noah's recycling project
Dylan's recycling project
Dylan's final product
Harley's recycling project
Harley's Castle
Aston's recycling project
Evan's recycling project
Imogen's recycling project
Isabel's recycling project


Imogen's Poem

Other interesting things we have been doing

Charanga Yumu
Needle felting
VE Day celebrations!
Playing Prodigy
Making Jam
Joe Wick's PE
Noah's Biscuits
Making garden decorations
Finished product
Tayia Cooking
Practising skills online
Planting potatoes
Making and decorating stones

Time Capsule Challenge

Creating a Time Capsule

Design a reusable bag for Aldi

Imogen's design
Evan's design
Dylan's design
Aston's design

Creating pictures using natural materials

Aston's creation
Aston's creation
Dylan creation
Imogen's creation
Tayia's creation

We used craft materials to create and label parts of a flower

Evan's flower
Aston's flower
Imogen's flower
Tayia's flower
Isabel's flower