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Year 1/2A

15.5.2020 - Well done children you have been working really hard, and I'm really proud of you all!! Here is some of the work you have done to share with the whole class. Don't worry if your work is not here today, I will post different children's work each week so everyone will get a chance to share all the hard work they have been doing.

Spider sums -Lots of different ways to make 26.

Being creative -A beautiful rainbow made out of natural materials and labelled with welsh colour names.

Loving books - A beautiful detailed picture predicting what happens at the end of a story.





We have been working on character descriptions this week. Reuben choose the book 'The Snail and the Whale'. Here is his detailed picture of the characters. I love the spiral shell and the Whale with his blow hole.


Rio has been working incredibly hard on his letter formation at home. This is a song about the lifecycle of a frog. We can all sing this when we get back to school. Well done Rio beautiful handwriting!!


This is a lovely character description of Smelly Sprout!! A lovely detailed drawing and some lovely adjectives describing him. I can't wait to read this book when we get back to school!

Here is our rainbow presentation! I hope you enjoy it :)

The children have been working very hard this week and produced some lovely work!! This is Tom's missing poster for Cody the Caterpillar. Well done Tom and a generous reward!

William has been exploring all the letters that make up the word caterpillar. He then made lots of new words using those letters. Very clever William!!

Freya has written a welsh weather forecast bendigedig!! I love this sunny picture of a boat on the sea, floating past the fish and the frogs.

Thank you for all your hard work this week. Remember to look out for your friends work next week!!


We investigated 3D shapes. We collected 3D shapes from around our homes and decided if they were cubes, cuboids, spheres or cones. We used the shapes to build models. This is a beautiful 3D shape house. 

Riley went on a 2D shape hunt around his house, and used the information to create a block graph. Well done Riley you remembered to give your block graph a title.

We have been finding out about money. The children set up shops at home and practiced buying items and adding up the money amounts. We had lots of different shops - food shops, toy shops and sweet shops. This is the shop Cooper set up with his mum. He had lots of fun learning about money and buying sweets in his shop.

We have been finding out about weddings as part of our work for RE. Lily sent a beautiful picture of when she was a flower girl and wrote down facts she found out about a Christian wedding.

As part of our work on 'The circle of life' Jordan made his very own timeline! Great photo's Jordan!!

Rio sent in a lovely piece of work all about what he would like to do when he grows up. Well done Rio you worked really hard on this!!

Take a look at our classroom for next week!

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Riley has been working hard to make a beautiful ladybird out of craft materials. Very creative Riley!

Elinor has been busy ordering her day using analogue and digital times. Well done Elinor.

Max has been thinking about what he misses most at school. Beautiful detailed drawings Max!

If you were an animal what would you be? Max chose a dog because they can run fast. Fantastic work Max and a beautiful detailed drawing!

We went on a scavenger hunt in school and at home. Look at all the different things we found using our 5 senses.

We made a helping hand. On each finger we wrote the name of someone who is kind to us or helps us. We displayed them somewhere special at home!