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What's new?

What’s New?  - There is new legislation.

The new legislation for ALN will bring about several main changes including:

  • bringing together all current systems into a new, single system for ALN;
  • being learner-centred;
  • providing learners with the same rights and entitlements whatever their age or setting;
  • improving transition between settings;
  • providing Welsh language provision where needed; and
  • being a fair and transparent system for all.

These changes mean that children and parent(s)/ carer(s) and young people will:

  • access the support they need earlier;
  • be more involved in making decisions about the support they need;
  • be able to find information more easily; and
  • be supported if they disagree with decisions

Children and young people who have additional learning needs will now get this support for longer. The new system does not give all young people with ALN an automatic right to continuous education up until the age of 25. Some young people may be able to get this support until the age of 25 if they have a reasonable need for education and/ or training.