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Year 3/4L

Our Best Memories

Caitlin's memories p.1
Caitlin's memories  p.2
Myllie's memories

More Memories!

Last week of term-outdoor fun!

Carys & Mason collecting twigs
Carys' twig art
Mason's twig art
Tuesday group collecting natural materials
Tuesday's group
Bryn's creation
Caitlin's creation
Gracie-May's creation
Holly's creation
Lacey's creation
Libby's creation
Wednesday's group
Carter's creation
Isabelle's creation
Yasmin's creation

Perfect Pictures!

Carter collecting materials for rainbow
Carter's finished rainbow!
Carter doing Zoo co-ordinate work
Libby's Zoo co-ordinate work

Back to school!

 Day 1 Here we are back at school!
Day 2  Who's in today?
Day 2 Working hard!
Day 3 Who can you see?
Day 3 Keeping busy!

Fun,fun, fun!

Amelia's natural art-a butterfly!
Bryn snorkelling in his pool!
Caitlin has made a cake-mmmm!
Caitlin getting ready to bowl!
Caitlin's natural art work
Libby making chocolate loaf cake-mmm!
Carter's bowling game
Gethin's natural art work
Carys gathering her natural materials
Carys beginning her picture
The finished product!
Carter making his natural art picture
The finished product!
Logan doing some art work
Logan exercising
Logan's art work on the window

Perfect Photos!

Caitlin's Senses Scavenger Hunt
Caitlin's Soap Experiment
Carter's Welsh conversation
Isaac practising his spellings
Carter's Soap Experiment
Saffie's soap experiment
Saffie's scavenger hunt
Carter's scavenger hunt
Bryn hunting for something that makes a noise
Bryn hunting for something that smells
Amelia as Florence Nightingale
Bryn hunting for part of a flower
Gethin hunting -can you guess for which clue?
Carys' scavenger hunt
Carter using Charanga Music website
Isabelle's scavenger hunt 1
Isabelle's scavenger hunt 2
Isabelle's scavenger hunt 3
Yasmin's soap experiment
Amelia using Charanga music website
Isaac's soap experiment

Glorious Gardening!

Carter planning his organic garden
Carter's finished organic garden
Carter's organic garden timetable
Gethin's organic garden
Caitlin's organic garden
Caitlin's organic garden (part 2)
Caitlin's instructions on how to plant seeds
Carys' organic garden
Eva's garden design

Perimeter work in Maths

Carter measuring the perimeter of his table
Gethin measuring the perimeter of his fish tank
Gethin measuring the perimeter of his television
Lacey measuring the perimeter of a book
Mason measuring the perimeter of a book
Mason measuring the perimeter of a cereal box

Problem solving in Maths!

Amelia's square problem
Isabelle's square problem
Caitlin's square problem
Carter counting the triangles
Isabelle counting the triangles
And still counting!

Terrific Topic work!

Carter doing his circuit
Carter completing his circuit
Holly & Lacey making rainbows on a video call
Lacey receiving a special certificate- well done !
Gethin's Bar Mitzvah card (front)
Gethin's Bar Mitzvah card (inside)
Dylan has baked pain au chocolat-mmm!
Carys is growing sunflowers
Year 3 /4 L have been extremely busy! Look at all their wonderful learning. 
Carter completed an investigation about crocodiles

Grow Your Own Rainbow

Caitlin's Rainbow
Libby's Rainbow

Look at all the fun things we have been doing at home!

Amelia has been painting rocks to hide!
Caitlin doing Joe Wicks workout!
Libby has been baking-mmmmm!
Yasmin is learning to knit.

More fun at home!

Libby's self-praise jar
Eva's self-praise jar
Caitlin's lifecycle model
Carter's charity poster
Saffie's self-praise jar

Even more fun at home!

Caitlin's balloon powered car
Isaac's finished Mars Bar cake-mmmmm!
Isaac practising his Welsh months of the year
Myllie practising her Welsh months of the year

And the fun keeps on coming!

Mason's copyright poster
Carter's results for 1 minute challenge
Isaac's recipe -think I will try this!
Dylan preparing family tea
Dylan's magnificent spread!

Marvellous Maths at home!

Gethin making fractions with dough
Lacey practising her number bonds
Mason making halves from dough
Yasmin making sums of money
Dylan playing Monopoly to practise money skills