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How will it happen?

How will this happen?

There will be a phased approach to these changes over 3 years

This means there will be two systems operating from Sept 2021-2024, the new ALN system and the current SEN system. 

For three years each local authority, Early Years setting (EY), school and Further Education (FE) setting will work hard with children and their families, young people and other professionals to ensure everyone understands these changes.

Families will have access to impartial information advice and support.  This is statutory, which means it must be provided by law. 

Every local authority in Wales must have arrangements for providing children and their families and young people with impartial information, advice and support.  In this local authority SNAP Cymru provides this service.  

What is provided is shaped by the ALN Act 2018 and the new ALN Code 2021.

You can find out more about the ALN transformation programme and guidance on the current SEN system here including a frequently asked questions and ALN transformation programme guide.