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Year 3/4A

Look at all the amazing things  3 / 4 A have been learning about!
Picture 1 Isaac practised fractions of amounts !
Picture 2 Liam made a poster about the NHS
Picture 3 Keira made a balloon powered car in science!
Picture 1 Ava played a game matching the months of the year in welsh – Da iawn
Picture 2 Jayden drew Twisted Tiger and used welsh to label the parts of the body - Da iawn !
Picture 3 Harri practised mental maths by completing speed tests
Picture 1 Alfie made a paper horse from 1 sheet of paper!
Picture 2 Annie did a science experiment to find out why crocodiles lie with their mouths open!
Picture 3 James researched reptiles!
Picture 4 Nico researched turtles for his presentation.
Picture 1 Annie researched 3 food chains. She explained each one clearly.
Picture 2 Harrison and his mam made a very special welsh castle – Harrison even had a very comfy throne and armour !
Picture 3 Jacob made an animation about the lifecycle of a crocodile! Snappy work!
Picture 1 Ellie worked hard on researching and drawing an unusual lifecycle!
Picture 2 Tiana did some PE in the fresh air!