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Year 3/4L 2021-22

Bristol Aquarium Visit -we had a great day and learned lots!

PSE Teamwork Challenge- co-operation is key!

Black Bart's Visit

Welsh Dwdls-wyt ti'n hoffi?

Ship Biscuits-making and tasting!

Be Kind Day!

Children in Need Day- we had fun dressing up and dancing in the hall.

Christmas Fun!

Art Attack!

Our Spring Term topic is: Ancient Civilisations


We will be becoming historians and archaeologists as we discover what life was like in three ancient civilisations: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer and the Indus Valley. We will be examining historical artefacts and learning about what life was like in these ancient civilisations. We will be learning about their geography, religion, architecture, writing, art and food. Design and innovation skills will be put to the test as we become tomb builders and develop mechanisms to help us create structures.


Take a look at our knowledge organiser to see more about what we will be learning:





Egypt Centre Visit - our Immersion Day to start our new Ancient Civilisations topic

The Mummification Process- we acted it out and had lots of fun!

Mummifying Tomatoes!

Egyptian Portraits and Headdresses- we turned ourselves into Egyptians!

Canopic Jars- we designed and made a canopic jar, using hieroglyphics and clay for the head.

Making Bisgedi Cymraeg for Welsh Week

World Book Day

HOME LEARNING TASKS: please see the attached timetable and supporting resources.