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Year 3/4D

We will be learning about all of the creatures under the sea and how they are adapted to life there. We will be discovering how humans have depended on the ocean for thousands of years: from fisherman and pirates, to marine biologists and conservationists. We will be identifying our own impact on the oceans and how we can make a difference. 


Take a look at our knowledge organiser to see more about what we will be learning:

 We visited Bristol Aquarium on a school trip and learned all about different sea creatures. We even got to feed the sting rays! All children completed fantastic observational drawings in their sketch books. 

We have been looking at the 'Great Wave' by Hokusai. The children worked very hard to create their own. Bendigedig!

Sorting and classifying shells. We collaborated and used branching diagrams to sort different types of shells. Great work 3/4D

Pirate day!

SHIP AHOY! 3/4D have had a wonderful day dressed up as pirates and learning all about Black Bart. We had a very special visitor share some pirate adventures and real weapons! A great way to explore what it was like to be a pirate! 

We had lots of fun and used a range of maths skills to make ship biscuits.

Our Spring Term topic is: Ancient Civilisations


We will be becoming historians and archaeologists as we discover what life was like in three ancient civilisations: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer and the Indus Valley. We will be examining historical artefacts and learning about what life was like in these ancient civilisations. We will be learning about their geography, religion, architecture, writing, art and food. Design and innovation skills will be put to the test as we become tomb builders and develop mechanisms to help us create structures.


Take a look at our knowledge organiser to see more about what we will be learning:








HOME LEARNING TASKS: please see the attached timetable and supporting resources.