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School Development Plan

The School Development Plan 


As a school we are constantly evaluating our effectiveness - celebrating our strengths and achievements as well as  identifying  areas that require further development.  In order to make these judgments  we are continually monitoring all aspects of school life. The findings from our monitoring and evaluating processes feed in to our School Development Plans ( SDP). These plans must include our priorities for the coming year and for the 2 years immediately proceeding the current year. 


The SDP 

  • enables the school's vision to be shared and understood by the whole school community
  • gives a clear focus to the areas that we believe are most in need of improvement highlighting what needs to be improved and how we are going to achieve the improvements
  • provides a framework that supports us to plan and prioritise our budget and staff training


In 2023-2024 our main priorities are: 

  • cross-curricular links within our curriculum 
  • improving children's writing skills
  • further developing as a Community Focused School 
  • further development of our whole-school approach to well-being 
  • further developing the quality of teaching 





SDP Summary Overview 2022-2023